Stran Rotating Car Seat

S-TRAN is the "new integrated PRM system" developed by Guidosimplex to facilitate access on board vehicles with maximum ease to users who need mobility support.
The system consists of an ergonomic seat integrated with a base that allows, in addition to the rotation outwards, the possibility of lowering down out of the vehicle by 395mm.
The system is fully automatic in all its functions, so rotation, descent and vice versa. All functions are "programmable" and therefore, once set, all movements take place in automatic sequence once the program is started. Moreover, thanks to the programmable functions, the system is adaptable to every user need.
S-TRAN is supplied complete with footrest and fine finishes with ABS mouldings. In case of anomalies, a special emergency system allows its functionality in a "manual" way.
Why choose it:
  • Programmable motion
  • Fully automatic one-button operation
  • (optional) Electric programmable seat with or without armrests

D-Tran rotating car seat

DTRAN Powered Rotating Seat.
DTRAN’s lightweight programmable, powered rotating seat enables you to transfer easily, safely, and comfortably into your vehicle from your wheelchair or standing position.

The DTRAN Powered Rotating Seat can be installed on the left or right side and offers the user a whole new experience when getting seated.

The adaptability of the D-Tran thanks to the ability to be programmed “step by step” means that many new MPV vehicles are now an option. The seat rotates outwards and then lowers it to the desired position.
When you need to transfer from your wheelchair into your vehicle, getting the right solution to help you do that safely, efficiently, and comfortably. The DTRAN from Guidosimplex has been innovatively designed to provide programmable transfer to help you make an easy entrance and exit into your car

S-tran rotating car seat

Click on the Youtube video to see the Stran with fully programmable seat

d-Tran rotating car seat

Click on the Youtube video to see the D-Tran 

Transfer Seats

Folding Transfer Seat

 Its small footprint, less than 2 centimetres when closed, allows installation on a wide range of cars without creating interference with the closing of the door and can be installed both on the passenger side and on the driver's side. Once you enter or exit the car it will be lifted and placed in a vertical position, the seat will be positioned internally between the plate and the seat, allowing the door to be closed without creating interference.

Showing Seat in the Folded

Soft Padded transfer Seat 

This Padded transfer seat is lifted of its support before the vehicle door is closed made from strong aluminium can be removed with ease .