Push/Pull Hand Controls

A vehicle can be fitted with a Single Lever Hand Control to enable you to drive the vehicle safely without having to use the foot pedals. The vehicle can still be driven using the pedals if needed. The Single Lever Hand Control is very simple to use, by pulling the handgrip towards the steering wheel the vehicle will accelerate and by pushing the hand lever towards the dashboard the vehicle will brake. The unique design of the controls allows easy and unobtrusive fitting to all makes and models of vehicles and offers the user comfort and safety. The controls come with the options of integral rotary or toggle indicator switch, dip switch and horn buttons.

All in one Accelerator and Brake

This system allows users to control the throttle through a trigger positioned on the handle of the lever. To accelerate just pull the trigger, a innovative electronic control unit ensures a perfect response. The mechanical brake is operated by pushing the lever forward, the response is proportional to the force applied. When the trigger is at full throttle simply apply more pressure in order to activate the Kick down (in case of automatic gearbox). Another two buttons are present on the handle of the lever, one button activates the horn and the other one, the electric locking system for the brake lever. This solution gives an excellent degree of vehicle control with virtually no fatigue to the driver. It’s a great choice for those wishing to drive long distances or indeed those required to drive for a living. Our unique safety ”Micro Switch” feature prevents gas and brake from being operated at the same time. Every Guidosimplex electronic accelerator comes with a motor reduction button, which allows you to reduce motor power by 50% giving you more control in certain situations, such as Traffic and Parking.

Hand Held Thumb

The Guidosimplex Satellite provides another option for vehicle acceleration The Satellite accelerator has many unique features which make it a pleasure to use.
It is suitable to be fitted to most vehicles and is fully electronic. Since the unit is hand-held, all functions, such as air bag and secondary controls mounted on the steering wheel, are retained for use.
The power to the Satellite accelerator is also cut when the brake is applied. The vehicle can be also be driven conventionally if required.
Key Features:
Hand Held Operation.
Compatible with our Brake only system.
Acceleration stops when brake activated

Fly Wireless Accelerator

The new Hsens technology developed specifically for the “FLY” Accelerator - 906ELG – allows the user, by means of a strategically positioned "trigger", to achieve a gradual and precise acceleration. The ergonomics of the handset enables the user to keep both hands on the steering wheel ensuring complete control of the vehicle in all driving conditions.. Its overall size together with the Wireless technology, allows the user to operate without difficulty the brake lever, the gear lever and all the controls on the steering wheel whilst maintaining complete visibility of the dashboard. The innovative design is perfect as it takes various aspects into consideration such as comfort, weight and overall aesthetics, the adjustable strap allows the user to find the most suited hand position ensuring total comfort when driving.

Mechanical Brake Lever

The Mechanical Brake Lever was designed specifically to reduce burden for the driver without impacting performance or reliability. It mounts easily on the steering column maximising space. As this flat design allows for a perfectly tight fit under the steering wheel, it incorporates a revolutionary ergonomic system of mechanical braking, that makes it easy to brake intuitively, offering simple and safe driving. The Lever is also fitted with a horn and a brake lock.