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Guidosimplex is renowned Worldwide for its Ring Accelerators , They designed the World’s very first Over and Under Ring Accelerator many years ago.

This device gives the end user that “feels familiar” sensation, this solution is mounted directly over the original steering wheel, meaning you maintain that normal driving position “both hands on the steering wheel in the 10 to 10 position”.

Finished in hand stitched soft Italian leather it Integrates perfectly with the car’s interior and allows full view of the dashboard and Airbag functionality.

The traditional driving by pedal can be restored at any moment by a switch under the dashboard.

Main Features:

• Specifically designed for comfortable driving ,

• 10 to 10 hand position Complete Control ,

• Acceleration is set to suit your individual style of driving,

• No Flex whatsoever, Pushing downwards on any point of the ring you obtain the same perfect response from   your vehicle,

• Comes complete with a Motor reduction button , this reduces the motor power by 50% ,

• Reducing stress in traffic and parking.

• During Braking acceleration is automatically inhibited,

• A detachable – Quick Release version is also available,

• This version enables all members of the family to use the same vehicle,

• Facilitates wheelchair loading 60 years of experience in each accelerator



          • Mechanical Brake Levers

The Guidosimplex 907FV Mechanical Brake Lever was designed specifically to reduce encumbrance for the driver without impacting neither performance nor reliability. It mounts easily on the steering column maximising space, as this flat design allows for a perfectly tight fit under the steering wheel, it incorporates a revolutionary ergonomic system of mechanical braking, that makes it easy to brake intuitively, offering simple and safe driving. The Lever is also fitted with a horn and a brake lock, necessary not only for those tricky hill starts but also for the correct usage of an Automatic car.

 Main Features:

• Elegant slim-line solution,

• Easy to use,

• Comfortable driving/braking position,

• Suitable to all vehicles,

• Original structure of the vehicle stays in tact,

• Ergonomic design facilitates continuous usage.

Guidosimplex Over Ring Guidosimplex Over Ring 2 Guidosimplex Over Ring with Brake Guidosimplex Over Ring with Brake 2 Guidosimplex Over Ring with Brake 4 Guidosimplex Brake Lever

The You tube video below shows the Satellite Accelerator, Under Ring Accelerator,

Over Ring Accelerator and Ghost Ring Accelerator and Hand Brake.